Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Late November and Thanksgiving musings

Here I am in late November trying to catch up before the Winter coffee people get rid of me for not posting. I am excited about this new exchange. I also am winding down my SP 11 exchange which has been great fun.

Tomorrow I go to my sister-in-law's home for Thanksgiving dinner; this year all my kids are elsewhere. Ray and Deena went to Italy for 10 days, Sarah & Ron have Thanksgiving w/ his family since Randy is theirs all day Turkeyday; next year is their Christmas to have Randy, but he'll be with them Christmas eve and early, early AM for Santa. Last but not least my oldest were going to be entertaining her in-laws but he father-in-law hurt his back and can't drive the three hours to her house. They will see her Christmas Eve and we will see her Christmas day!! I hope you all have a lovely holiday, whether you have turkey or tofu.

Carol will have Christmas, (and my son is cooking also later in the day), and I have Easter.

I love this holiday and love to be with my sisters-in-law. When my husband died, and then they lost his younger brother suddenly a year later we all drew closer. I always got on well with my in laws--my mother and father -in - law have also passed away, but where great in laws, and we had and still have great times. I am an only child, and my cousins, with whom I am close have their own families. I would be welcome, but Maggie, Carol and their families are the people with whom I raised my family and who remember Ray as I do. There is quite a lot of us, and we are loud; some dislike this, but we find it fun. Believe me, an only child who has lost both parents and husband treasures the idea of a large family. I did my part and had three great kids and have 6 grandchildren. More the merrier is my motto.

See ya.

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