Monday, October 01, 2007

It's October already!!1

I have had a heck of bad week and a half!! It seems if one is born on the first of a month Medicare starts the month before. My late husband's retiree insurance instructions. Thinking a had six weeks to accomplish this sign up I called Friday before last and learned the above. a week of getting a different answer at the insurance company every time I called and having to get a birth certificate really fast which is not easy after 911. Anyway it looks as if it it taken care of so fingers crossed. You'd be surprised how learning you turned 65 a month early throws one for a loop. I have had time for nothing else!!!!

On a much happier note my younger daughter and I went down to see my daughter Heather and her family. We had a really nice time. Heathers little girl, Kennedy and Sarah's William are only a few weeks apart but William is such a big boy! when Heather was born she had a cousin born 8 days earlier and she and Sean were miles apart in size as well. I have a really cute picture of her cousin and her on the couch and we did the same with Kennedy and William. My son and his wife came down also so it was sort of a family reunion!!!

Pretty close to finishing the bunting for Kennedy, I tried it around her and it is going to be fine size wise.

Back later.


Marthacelia said...

duh, my first paragraph should read my husband's retiree insurance instructions never arrived!!!

Knitting Keep Me sane said...

nice post, now post the pictures