Saturday, August 11, 2007

my shawl

I have been knitting for my children and grandchildren and never finishing too many things for myself; I did finish a lace patterned shawl in white, worsted weight cotton. Now I m working on a lace shawl for myself in a beautiful purple green variegated, sock weight yarn; I love the pattern, but it is too easy to mess up if I don't remember to count stitches every two or so rows. I learned after three or four rips that the lifeline in lace knitting is just that and much needed. I have two now, lifelines that is. A picture of the current project is above. I don't have a picture of my first shawl, but it is just as I expected to be when I started. It is lovely and long (I am vertically challenged and much too short for my weight and need the length) and warm in the winter. It had a scarf that could be attached with a ribbon, but I don't like it that way and use the scarf in the winter. I originally started the first cotton shawl when I thought I would be going to GB during the summer of 2006; I felt it would be just right to travel since it would be warm but easily folded and stored if not needed. Unfortunately that trip fell through.

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