Sunday, July 08, 2007

Well, I can't seem to keep up w/ blogging but I am going to keep trying. Today, Sunday, I am trying figure out if I can retire in Nov 2007 instead of Sept 2008. I am so ready; I am tired of work; I am tired of not having control of my life. My health has gone down, my knees are bad and off and on I have to use PTO, paid time off which is a very unfair to the employee system. Whatever time we take off, vacation, sick time, doctor's, dentists, businss meetings we must use said PTO. I am fortunate enough to have just had my fourth grandchild, my first biological grandson, although I already have a super step grandson. My older daughter in due in about three weeks w/ her second daughter. My daughter w/ the new son has two l ittle girls and each time she has had a child I take off and give her a helping hand for a week. When Heather had her first baby girl she was very early, 2.2 lbs, emergency section, and her grandmom and I drove down and stayed several days with her. So this week I am w/. Sarah and then Hether needs someone to be w/ Kate while she has the section, and I am going to do it. I enjoy these times. My Mom was w/ me for two out of three new babies and it was great, unfortunately she was gone when my son was born. Anyway because o f this and a two day vacation I had in May I had to cancel the week at the shore w/ Sarah and her family. I am sad about this, it is not the end of the world, and I want to go to her this week more than the shore. What makes me mad is that for two years in a row I have had to cancel a vacation because of too little PTO and being unable to borrow PTO. No one can easily live and pay bills w/ a week w/.o pay. This system is great for employers, but not so great for the worker. I am also tired of working for a company who gives one extra week PTO when you reach ten years and for the rest of the years you work you get a xeroxed congratulaton sign. I just celebrated my 23rd year, don't ya think they could at least have given me a free meal in the cafeteria, cost $8.00; they are doing well and $8.00 bucks won't kill them Also our business usually has a big turnover at my level so there aren't that many of us that last that long!! Well enough whine, whine, whine. I will hope and hope.

On a happier note above are some of my, my grandchildren!!!! Sarah and her new son, my three granddaughter's left is Katie, Heather's little girl, the little one is Elizabeth and then Rachel, both Sarah's daughters. I have to hunt down a picture of Randy. I found Randy and his favorite haircut!!

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