Thursday, May 17, 2007

A good thing

Today a really nice thing occurred. Sarah, Ron, Randy and Rachel gave me lovely diamond earrings for Mothers Day. When I wore them they hurt my ears. They had a very safe back, but it was so tight it pinched my ears, and pushed the top of the earring into my ear almost through the hole, and made it bleed. I went to the local jewelry store thinking they probably could fix it, but that it would be expensive and take a long time. When I got there I told my tale to Mr. Koehler, the owner, he said easily fixed. Gently he pried the two sides of the earring further abpart (these are the earrings that are a half circle with the stones in them and the post at the top of the half circle) which put the catch further away from the earring itself. No pinch, no blood but wearing earrings, AND no charge.

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Marthacelia said...

I forgot my darling little Elzabeth, Randy and Rachel' baby sister who gave me the earrings as well.