Tuesday, November 11, 2008

bad times at Ridgemont High

It has been sad around where I work so many people laid off and too many of them older than 56 and it is going to be hard for them to get a job. Then tonight when I got home the kid next store was just leaving and I asked him to help me carry something heavy. He told me he was on his way to visit his Mom in the hospital (somewhere in her 40's very young looking and keeps fit) for kidney stones and a kidney problem. She was most upset thought because she had wanted to get to a job fair and she didn't want to stay as she had no insurance. I said Anthony don't tell me your mother lost her job. He said her boss laid her off two months ago. She has three kids, luckily their father has their insurance and Anthony has CHIP (he's 18). This is my blog so I can be frank. I believe that if our current administration had done a better job our economy would be in better health , starting with the lies before the Iraq war. I am so sorry that so many people are hurting nd just so very mad.

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