Sunday, March 02, 2008

my cocoa swap package from Germany

Ok here goes for the third time; I think it is going to work this time.
Here are the pictures of my wonderful cocoa swap package from GERMANY!!!! Her blog is the first on the chocoholics Alex E. I got a great mug; candy!!!!, 2 cocoas, some lovely hand spun yarn by Ales, a card w/ a great poem and the loveliest and great surprise, knitted bag, and last but not least, relaxation tape. And of course, by buddy. I hope these pictures are not too late for her to be in the contest. I have tried three times to download these pictures and just couldn't get the computer to co-operate!! My granddaughters are going to fight over this little Doll, esp the oldest who loves tiny things!!!! thanks Alex. Whoops, I forgot, the buster buddy is holding one of the four stitch holders she sent. I snapped them separately since they are small. Alex must know me well, cause as my family would tell her, grandmom is a black sheep and my mug was a cute black sheep. Just kidding, I'm a good girl.

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Anonymous said...

what a lovely package! what a cute buster buddy (just email a pic of him at your computer to Lesley , the email addres I think is on the blog...)