Friday, February 15, 2008

what a day

Well, the day itself was pretty good, but the evening is going to the dogs. I worked late so I could catch up and get some money ahead from being out sick this week, then I ordered dinner to pick up, a healthy one, got gas, got my prescription, picked up the food and home I went. First the depressing news re the state of the nations econcomics, really was depressing as I really really want to retire at the end of the summer when I am 65 ten mos old, then I forgot that my grocery order was coming and now I was late and realized when I saw the truck stopped. He wasn't happy, very polite, but naturally no happy. Then I couldn't find my door key, I dropped it. So I had to use my very well hidden key, no longer hidden, have figure somewhere else. found the other car keys, found the lost ones in the car (had to be there as I had just taken them out of the ignition. Then the dog had stolen the "i can't believe it's not butter" again!! two tubs now. Then I looked at the letter in the door from the condo. I am never, never, never, late with my condo fee. It is due the first, but grace till the tenth. It had to travel 40 minute ride from Lansdale to Philadelphia; I mailed it on the 8th and they said that it didn't get there at all, and they didn't download it until the 12th!!! I mailed on Tuesday 2 cards to my granddaughters in Maryland, a three hours away, that were not picked up until 4:45 from post box and they arrived on 2/14, when they were due!!!!! Explain this and 25 dollar late fee. Then I found out the charger on my phone is completely dead. Oh, well.

On the happy side, my cocoa blogger pal received her box and says she likes it.

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