Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Favorite winter activities for Winter Wonderland Swap

Even though I have COPD and every time I walk out of the house in the winter I cough it is still my favorite season. However, outdoor activities are not. When I was young I loved to sled, going outdoors in the winter I did voluntarily (even shoveled my mom's walk VOLUNTARILY to get to play in the snow). Now my favorite winter activity it is to knit or read by my window and watch, hopefully seeing some snow, the winter weather. I don't want the snow this coming Saturday though as my one daughter and two granddaughters, and I have to drive into Philadelphia to see the NUTCRACKER. Which brings to mind another favorite winter activity: family game night where many members of the extended family get together at my house and play games. If New Years Day is on a Friday or Saturday we have it on the holiday, if not on a Saturday close to the holiday. AND drum roll please, my favorite winter activity: CHRISTMAS!

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