Saturday, November 03, 2007

my secret pal 11 package

I mentioned that I have had some kind of virus (human, not computer attack) which kept me from enjoying my 65th birthday--missed a surprise luncheon at work, seeing my grand kids, going to my son's for dinner tonight. Not the most exciting birthday for sure. I have been sleeping most of the time as I felt so awful. So, I just ignored my dog Sammy's barking. When I went to let him out for bedtime there was a big package for me!!! In it was coffee, puzzle book, bookmarks, all that gorgeous yarn, and even BEGGIN STRIPS for my dog. Both my dog and my grand kids are grateful for the Dougie treats as they love to give him the treats and he loves to eat them!! This package came the day after my birthday!! with a birthday card!! I know I am gushing, but you don't know how this cheered me up. I still felt lousy but this was so nice a surprise. thank you secret pal. Historical note. I told you this was my 65th birthday, the crochet granny afghan I photographed this on was made by my grandmother, as far as I know, before I was born, but definitely at least 65 yrs old. Interestingly, she sewed it together (the squares) with regular sewing thread, most of which is still intact? PS I am finely starting to feel like a human again. I almost forgot, see the handmade soap. I also have done four puzzles already.

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