Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I am back

I have been sick off and on that last two weeks and in and out of work. I am back to work once more. The worst part of being sick was not feeling up to doing anything, including read or knit. So I am behind on my knitting. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons so it is a bummer to me that here in PA we have summer still. This is also the reason I got an infection; I have COPD and the ragweed is rampant, I am constantly coughing and often that means an infection of top of it. soo.

I am joining another swap with trepidation. My first two were great. The third I never got my tote. My hostess said she was going to be my angel as she could find no one else and that she only had to put handles on to send it off. Never came. I wrote back and asked if she had the correct address. She ask me to resend; I did, and that's the last I heard. The tote was due the end of summer!!!

I love sending things for the swaps and enjoyed that part of it a lot.
I am doing a lot of whining so just ignore me--it helps to get it out of my system.

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